How Is Mayi Salt Produced?


As Mayi Salt, we are the ambassador of nature to deliver our natural spring salt, which nature offers us in its purest and cleanest form. We produce our salts only by getting support from nature, in our hygienic greenhouse type pans, by crystallization and drying in sunlight. While producing, we ensure that our salt remains in its most natural and healthy state without any chemical treatment, and we pack it in healthy boxes and deliver it to your tables without losing anything from its naturalness.

Due to its production method, the absence of additives, and numerous health benefits, it is fundamentally distinct from refined salts. If we were to list its differences:

Delice Spring Salt is a type of salt that is formed as a result of dissolving the underground rock salt with the hot water ,coming out of fault fractures, is emerged to the surface as liquid, is produced without being refined, rich in minerals and Turkiye's most natural and most flavored salt variety.

Rivers, lakes, springs, and wells in nature contain salt, whether more or less. Different types of salts such as sea salt, rock salt, and Himalayan salt are used for various purposes. The most qualified salts on Earth are obtained from natural spring sources. These rare natural spring salts are 100% natural and distinguish themselves from other salts both in terms of their composition and production method.

Mayi salt, attained from natural spring sources, is obtained from Turkiye's largest natural spring water salt-pan. While being produced in hygienic conditions in greenhouse-type ponds, it is dried by the solar energy, and packaged without human intervention before reaching the consumer.

Salt is an essential element for humans and the correct usage of salt is crucial for health. Refined, processed, and additive-containing salts pose significant threats to our well-being. In contrast, Mayi Salt undergoes no chemical processing and contains no additives. Additionally, it supports human health with the 84 different red soil minerals it incorporates as it rises to the Earth's surface.