The Story Of Source

Natural spring salts, are formed when the rock salt, found in underground, is dissolved with the hot water, coming out of fault fractures, and emerging to the earth as salty natural spring salt. The world's highest quality salts are natural spring salts, and there are a limited number of natural resource salt-pans in the world. The source of Mayi Salt is one of these limited natural spring salt-pans. It is 100% natural and its production is carried out with the support of nature, under conditions provided by nature itself.

This unique salt, which dates back to prehistoric times and which you now use to flavor your meals, has come a long way for you.

Its journey, which dates back about 225 million years, has added unique properties to this salt. The Sea of Tethys, which was over Anatolia at that time, accumulated underground as the earth took its current form over time and dried up to form pure and natural salt rocks. These salt rocks, which are located underground in the Kırıkkale Delice region today, have preserved their naturalness for millions of years thanks to their hidden location.

Nowadays, this salt, which is formed by the hot water coming out of the fault rupture, by melting these salt rocks and collecting the red soil minerals, comes to the kitchen while preserving all its flavor and naturalness, and ends its journey that has been going on for years by adding flavor to your life. 

This spring salt, found in limited quantities around the world, is known for having one of the highest mineral contents among the salt types. It contains 84 different minerals, including essential minerals for our body. Furthermore, this natural salt that does not contain insoluble substances such as sediments and silica, comes to us to meet the mineral and salt that is needed by the body.