What is Truffle Salt & How to use it?

Truffle salt is a blend of truffle mushroom and salt. Truffle mushrooms typically grow around the roots of trees. With its intense fragrance and aroma, it gives a unique flavor to dishes. There's a wonderful harmony between truffle mushrooms and salt.

Dried truffle mushrooms are ground and mixed with salt. This allows the salt to absorb the aroma of the truffle mushroom. The result is a remarkable harmony. This blend can add a gourmet touch to your dishes.

What is Truffle Salt? 

Truffle salt is made from a mixture of dried truffle mushroom or truffle oil with salt. 

There are two types of truffle mushroom: White truffle salt and black truffle salt. White truffle salt is made from white truffle mushroom, while black truffle salt is made from black truffle mushroom. Black truffle mushrooms have a more intense flavor compared to white truffle mushrooms.

The types of salt used in making truffle salt can vary. Sea salt is often chosen due to its high absorbent properties. Black truffle sea salt enables you to cath a unique flavor in your dishes and salads.

How is Truffle Salt Made?

The production of truffle salt requires a considerable effort. Truffle mushrooms grow around roots like oak and pine. Truffle mushrooms develop about 40-50 cm below the ground level. Hence, they are typically located by specially trained hunting dogs. Truffle hunting without dogs is quite challenging.

The type of salt used in making truffle salt is important for its flavor. Sea salt absorbs truffle aroma better. Therefore, truffle sea salt is often preferred.

How to use Truffle Salt? 

Known as the black diamond, truffle mushroom has an intense earthy flavor and aroma. Hence, a small amount is sufficient, and it is recommended to use it sparingly. Gradual incorporation is advisable.

Truffle salt pairs well with dishes. It is often used in pasta, potato dishes, eggs, risotto, and vegetable dishes.

How is truffle salt different from regular salt?

  • Truffle salt has a rich aroma, whereas regular salt provides only saltiness.
  • Truffle salt possesses a unique fragrance, while regular salt is odorless.
  • Truffle salt is a luxury spice blend, while regular salt falls into the category of common spices.
  • Truffle salt is often favored by gourmet chefs in fine dining. Regular salt, on the other hand, is commonly used by everyone.

Where to Buy Truffle Salt?

You can purchase truffle salt from specialty kitchen supply stores and gourmet food shops. You can also check out the special food sections within stores. Additionally, you can find truffle salt on e-commerce platforms.

Before making a purchase, remember to opt for natural salt brands that are free from additives. Hence, we recommend conducting thorough research.

Why is truffle salt so expensive?

Truffle mushrooms grow underground around tree roots. Specially trained dogs are used to gather truffle mushrooms. All these factors contribute to making truffle mushrooms unique and luxurious. Consequently, truffle salt is also an expensive seasoning.

In the production of truffle salt, as much as the truffle mushroom, the salt is also important.

Mayi Salt is naturally sourced from the ground. It remains unrefined and is left to naturally sun-dry. Mayi Salt, free from heavy metals, is an exceptional type of salt.

Mayi Artisan Truffle Salt and Mayi Natural Liquid Salt with Turffles are among the best truffle salts. Because they are the fusion of health and flavor.


Tasty Truffle Salt Recipes 

Truffle salt has its unique earthy aroma and taste. It is possible to create healthy and delicious dishes using truffle salt. However, when choosing truffle salt, you should always prefer brands that have natural ingredients and do not contain additives. Mayi Artisan Truffle Salt and Mayi Natural Liquid Salt with Turffles are salts with these features.

Among gourmet salty recipes, avocado stuffing would be an excellent choice in terms of visual appeal, health, and taste.


  • 2 Avocados
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • 1 tablespoon Cream Cheese (Labne)
  • 1 tablespoon Cooked Mixed Quinoa
  • Mayi Artisan Truffle Salt


    • Mix the cream cheese and a pinch of Mayi Artisan Truffle Salt.
    • Divide the prepared mixture into the avocados.
    • Lastly, sprinkle the cooked mixed quinoa on top.
  • You can optionally enrich it with aromatic herbs and lemon juice 
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