What is Liquid Salt & How to Use for Food?

Liquid salt is actually a sodium solution. It is the state in which salt is still in a solution with water. It is commonly obtained from seawater and spring water. Liquid salt is used in cooking, skincare, the treatment of fungi and eczema, and in the production of cleaning products. The use of liquid salt in cooking is quite convenient.

What is Liquid Salt? 

Liquid salt is the homogeneous mixture of water and salt. It is the state of sea salt before it becomes table salt or pickling salt. It is in its unprocessed form, without undergoing the drying process. In this state, after undergoing the necessary processes, it can be used in cooking and other aspects of daily life.

What are the Properties of Liquid Salt?

Liquid salt is a homogeneous mixture. It is rich in minerals because it has not been subjected to the drying process. Liquid salt can be preserved for an extended period. Liquid salt visually resembles water. It has a clear appearance.

How to Made Liquid Salt?  

Liquid salt is produced from initially liquid state salt. Sea water or spring water is purified and packaged for this purpose. However, the use of sea water in liquid salt is not highly recommended by experts. This is because sea water can be affected by environmental pollution.

In comparison to sea water, spring water is a healthier choice as it emerges in liquid form from underground and is not impacted by environmental pollution.

How to Use Liquid Salt for Food?

Liquid salt for food is a versatile ingredient in the culinary world, offering precise control over flavor enhancement. It ensures even distribution in dishes. This product is typically offered in spray bottles and is used with a spraying method.

What are the benefits of liquid salt? 

There is a perception that salt from the past is unhealthy. In reality, salt is quite necessary for our bodies. However, attention should be paid to the salt you use and its quality.

If you use liquid salts from brands that prioritize your health, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Feeling more energetic when consumed as an electrolyte in the morning.
  • Having a more restful sleep when electrolytes are consumed at night.
  • Helping to control salt intake.
  • Accelerating the healing of wounds.
  • Removing harmful bacteria from the body when used in the bath.
  • Using liquid salt while cooking enhances the flavor of the dish.

Is Liquid Salt Healthy?

The answer to whether liquid salt is beneficial for health varies. It is highly dependent on how the liquid salt solution is used.

Spring liquid salts, being naturally in liquid form from underground sources and unaffected by environmental pollution, are in a 100% natural salt form. In this state, they are quite beneficial for the body.

What-is-Liquid-Salt-How-to-Use-for-Food?What is Liquid Salt Used for?  

Although liquid salt is commonly used in cooking, it is also frequently employed in other areas. Liquid salt, which is highly beneficial for health, possesses the property of killing bacteria when applied to wounded or inflamed areas. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of skin issues, mouth ulcers, fungal infections, and eczema. Additionally, it is used in foot baths with liquid salt to eliminate foot odor.

Where to Buy Liquid Salt

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Mayi Liquid Salt  

Mayi Liquid Salt is natural spring salt. It naturally emerges from underground sources to the surface. 100% natural springwater salt is packaged without undergoing any processing or refining, only after being cleaned. Because it is not refined, it does not contain harmful chemicals to human health. It contains 84 different beneficial minerals for human health. When sprayed 14 times, it is equivalent to 1 gram of salt, providing controlled usage.

With its various flavors such as truffle, thyme, lemon, and garlic, Mayi Liquid Salt allows you to create delicious gourmet dishes. With just a few sprays, you can put your signature on your gourmet meal with the natural flavors of Mayi Liquid Salt.

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