Why Mayi Salt?

Mayi Salt's Source 

The highest quality salts in the world are natural spring salts, and there are a limited number of natural salt springs found on Earth. The source of Mayi Salt is one of these limited natural salt springs. Researches have shown that the world's best quality salts are obtained from spring waters... Mayi Salt is one of these researches.


We only get support from nature in the production of our salt. We take our water coming out of the earth into our hygienic pans and wait for it to crystallize with the sun's rays. We collect our crystallized salts, dry them in the sun and pack them. As a result, we are ambassadors to bring this miraculous salt of nature to your tables.


We only rely on nature in the production of our salt. We take our water from the earth and let it crystallize in our hygienic pans with the help of sunlight. After collecting the crystallized salt, we sundry and package it.


We do not wash or bleach our naturally sun-cured salts to preserve their natural purity, which would otherwise expose them to harmful additives that pose a risk to our health. 


To avoid environmental pollution, our source of salt is protected underground and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and microplastics. Due to the geo-strategic location of Mayi Salt (600 m above sea level and far from industrial establishments), it still preserves its purity, which emerged 200 million years ago.