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When we discovered our unique resource, which still preserves its 5000-year-old naturalness and flavor, we had only one thought in mind. We had to deliver the most natural salt to people in the most correct way. We spent 6 months doing research and analysis, and in 2018, we launched our brand with solid foundations.Since 2018, we have been delivering this salt, which nature has presented to us in its purest form, to your tables by crystallizing it in sunlight, packaging it under hygienic conditions, without any fabrication processes. As you place Mayi Salt on your tables, we continue to devote ourselves to you.

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As Mayi Tuz, we are the ambassador of nature to deliver our natural spring salt, which nature offers us in its purest and cleanest form. We produce our salts only by getting support from nature, in our hygienic greenhouse type pools, by crystallization and drying in sunlight. While producing, we ensure that our salt remains in its most natural and healthy state without any chemical treatment, and we pack it in healthy boxes and deliver it to your tables without losing anything from its naturalness.

Mayi Natural Spring Salt with Thyme


We do not apply any washing or bleaching to our salts, which crystallize in the sun, as they preserve their naturalness and purity. We also stay away from additives that are used to prevent clumping and are very harmful to our body.

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  • Nilay K.

    We have been using this salt for a very long time. You can't turn to other salts when you take it anyway. Grocery salt had a bitter taste. This salt is both healthy and delicious. I definitely recommend it.

  • Candan D.

    I've been using it for 2 years, I love your salt. When we use other salt, we literally have a burning sensation in our throat. I never thought salt would make such a difference in flavor. That's when I realized how right I am in the brand and that my love for you is not empty.

  • Mert K.

    The taste of the product took me to my childhood. I literally dipped bread in salt and ate it like I did when I was a kid. It's not like regular salt. Its taste texture is very different and it adds incredible flavor to the dishes.