Better Life With Mayi: Yoga And Sound Healing Experience With Alkaline Water

As the Mayi Salt family, which delivers the 100% natural Delice Spring Salt with geographical indication registration produced in the Kırıkkale Delice region in our country, which is the healthiest salt variety in the world, to your tables, we have been trying to raise people's awareness about the right salt since the day our brand was founded. We tell people how wrong the perception that salt is salt is actually wrong, that the salts that should be avoided are refined salts, and that the use of natural salt is of great importance for our health.

In doing so, we always continue to take a step forward by improving our brand and products. At this point, we reveal our difference with our packaging, designs and innovative products.

Mayi Liquid Salts are our salts of greatest importance among our innovative products. Our plain spray salt is produced by direct packaging of natural liquid salt from underground. Our liquid salt has the property of natural electrolyte.


It combines with the negative and positive ions of water, the negative and positive ions of salt, thanks to which the ions pass into a liquid state. The geometric structure of water and salt changes during this time. This new liquid is no longer water or salt. When water and salt combine, life is born, and they call this energy a sea of energy. Now the elements have ceased to polarize due to their free resonance state and have reached a higher energy form.

The electrolyte, whose energy level rises, increases the energy level of our body when consumed regularly every morning. It helps us start the day more vigorously, while supporting our immune and digestive system. It also helps to hydrate our body from the inside and dissolve toxic-laden wastes, in short, to live better.

That's why we said "Better Life with Mayi" and had a great event. First, we refreshed our alkaline waters and content energy. Afterwards, we eased by relaxing our soul and body with dear Zeynep Kemaloğlu's yoga practice and unique sound healing work. We reduced our stress to a minimum with lavender eye patches we used during yoga.

At the end of a relaxing and peaceful few hours we had an exquisite breakfast experience. We flavored our breakfast bowls, which were prepared completely without salt, with the beautiful aromas of our liquid salt.

We had a wonderful day with our 50 guests who made unforgettable memories with our 50 guests to our event where taste, health, peace, relaxation and conversation were abundant.

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