What is Flake Salt? What do you use flake salt for?

Flake salt is a type of kitchen  salt. Flake salt is known for its crystalline structure. The production of this unique salt is quite special. The salt solution is evaporated in closed pans. Salt crystals are formed on the surface of this water and are carefully collected. The salinity rate of this salt is low. It dissolves faster compared to other salts. You can use salt flakes for cooking. 

What is Flake Salt?

Salt flakes is a type of kitchen salt. Special methods are applied for its production. Its structure and crystalline form make it unique. It crumbles easily. It is often preferred due to its appearance and subtle aroma. It enchants with its appearance and unique texture. Chefs frequently choose it as a final touch.

What is Flake Sea Salt?

Flake salt cannot be produced from salt that was not initially in liquid form. This is because flake salt is obtained by evaporating a brine solution. Sea salt flakes is procured from sea water. Sea water is evaporated in special pans. As the evaporation progresses, salt crystals begin to form on the surface of the water. These crystals are called sea flake salt.

Because sea salt is the type of salt most affected by environmental pollution, experts recommend flake salt prepared with spring salt.

Is flake salt the same as sea salt?

Both types of salt are obtained from sea water. Flake salt is collected as soon as crystallization begins on the surface during the evaporation stage. On the other hand, sea salt is left until the sea water is completely evaporated, leaving only salt behind. This differentiation in the production process separates these two types of salt from each other. As a result, these two salts have distinct textures, flavors, and shapes.

What do you use flake salt for?  

Flake salt, with its fine crystalline structure, can be easily crumbled by hand. It has a low salinity rate. It is visually satisfying. Due to all these reasons, it is frequently used by chefs as a finishing touch salt. It is especially used in meat dishes, desserts, and cocktail glasses.

Where to Buy Flake Salt?

Flake salt is a specialty kitchen ingredient. It can be found on various online shopping websites or local stores. You can find it through sales channels such as gourmet food vendors, specialty kitchenware sellers, and spice shops. When purchasing, remember to opt for brands that are natural and free from additives.


Mayi Natural Spring Salt Flake


What is a substitute for flaked salt?

Flake salt is a type of salt that is more challenging to produce compared to other salts. Therefore, it does not exhibit many similarities with other salts. However, it is still possible to mimic its appearance in certain situations.

In urgent situations where flake salt is needed, there are several alternative types of salt that can mimic its appearance. For example, Mayi Natural Spring Salt (coarse). Mayi Natural Spring Salt (coarse) has a crystalline structure. It has a higher salinity rate compared to flake salt and a harder texture. Taking these details into consideration, it should be used with careful measurements.

What's the difference between table salt and flaky salt?

Differences between table salt and flake salt:

  • Table salt is ground. Flake salt is unground.
  • Table salt is fine-grained. Flake salt has a crystalline structure.
  • Table salt is commonly used during cooking. Flake salt is used after the dish is cooked, during the serving stage.
  • Table salt is more intensely salty compared to flake salt.
  • Table salt is added solely for taste, whereas flake salt is used for both taste and visual appeal.
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