The Intriguing Journey of Gourmet Salt

Gourmet salts, known as gourmet salts, are salts that contain aromatic herbs or flavors. This type of salt, which has been used by chefs for years, has become popular among the general public in recent times. Gourmet salts are a type of salt that adds flavor to dishes with their different aromas. Gourmet salts are typically used by chefs and individuals interested in culinary arts. Gourmet salts not only enhance taste but also provide visual richness. Additionally, they are rich in minerals. These salts are a great choice for chefs and enthusiasts interested in gourmet cuisine.

What is Gourmet Salt? 

Gourmet salts are special salts used when a gourmet touch is desired in dishes. These salts may contain not only salt but also herbal extracts, spices, and vegetable blends. When added to dishes, they impart an aromatic flavor. For example, truffle flavor is a strong aroma. Truffle-flavored salts give dishes a taste as if they were crafted by a master chef. These salts can be used wherever truffle aroma fits. Chefs and gourmet enthusiasts create unique and flavorful culinary experiences by incorporating these special salts into their dishes.

Different Gourmet Salt Types

Gourmet salts can be made with various aromatic herbs as well as different types of salt. 

These types of salts can be categorized as sea salt, Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, or liquid spring salt. The most innovative among these are gourmet salts made in liquid form.

Wasabi Salt 

Wasabi salt is a spicy salt variety that combines the sharp Japanese spice made from the Wasabia japonica plant with sea salt. This combination captures the unique and intense flavor of wasabi while offering the salty taste of salt. Wasabi salt can also be used as a spice for foods like grilled meats and vegetables.

Smoked Salt

Smoked salt is a type of salt infused with smoke from various wood sources such as hickory, apple, or alder wood. This process imparts a distinct smoky taste and aroma to the salt, enriching its flavor. The salt absorbs the smoky flavors of the wood, resulting in a rich, smoky salt.

Cyprus Salt

Cyprus salt, harvested from the coastal regions of Cyprus, is a finishing salt known for its large, pyramid-shaped crystals and light, flaky texture. To produce Cyprus salt, seawater is collected in large shallow pools or pans and allowed to evaporate under the sun and wind. As the water evaporates, salt crystals are left behind, which are then harvested by hand. The salt crystals naturally form into delicate, pyramid-shaped flakes, giving this salt its unique appearance.

Mayi Liquid Salt Spray With Truffle 

This salt, which is the most practical form of flavor, is a blend of truffle mushroom and spring salt. You can use this flavor in all your baked dishes, egg dishes, fryings (before frying), and many other dishes where your imagination and taste buds come together.

Mayi Liquid Salt Spray With Lemon 

We combined the unique flavor of lemon with the miracle of liquid spring salt from nature and created the most practical form of taste. When you want to add a gourmet touch to your meals with the lemon aroma it contains, you can use this flavor in your salads, soups, fish dishes, olive oil-based dishes, and many more.

Mayi Liquid Salt Spray With Thyme 

We combined the unique flavor of liquid spring salt with thyme. You can enhance your dishes by using thyme along with salt. This flavor, which will be by your side when you want to add a gourmet touch to your meals, can be used in your salads and all kinds of meat dishes.

Mayi Liquid Salt Spray With Garlic 

It consists of the unique flavor fusion of liquid spring salt and garlic. Mayi Artisan Garlic Spray Salt will be your essential choice whenever you want to enhance your dishes by using garlic along with salt and add a special touch. You can use it in your meatballs, soups, salads, baked dishes, and many more.

The Health and Culinary Benefits of Gourmet Salts

Gourmet salts are used in kitchens worldwide due to their various types and flavors. The reason behind this popularity is not only their delicious taste and satisfying appearance but also their high mineral content. Gourmet salts contain much more minerals than regular table salts because they are usually unprocessed. You can obtain the minerals your body needs from these salts. With all these features, gourmet salts are a type of salt that combines health and culinary pleasure.

How to Cook with Gourmet Salts

Gourmet salts have become an indispensable part of the culinary world. Because cooking with gourmet salts can be incredibly enjoyable. You can add a unique flavor to your favorite dishes and it's a great option for expressing your creativity in cooking. Of course, there are a few things to consider when choosing your gourmet salt. The gourmet salt you want to add to your dish should complement your meal. Be mindful of the quantity, as these salts have a strong aroma. Avoid using excessive amounts, as overusing salt can lead to health issues and spoil the taste of your dish.

In gourmet salts, aroma is not the only specific variable. Different types of salts also play an important role in gourmet salts. For example, flake salt can be crumbled by hand due to its fine crystalline structure. It is often used in desserts and meats due to its mildly salty taste.

Where to Buy Gourmet Salts

You can enrich your culinary experience with gourmet salts, adding a unique flavor to your dishes. There are several options for purchasing gourmet salts. You can buy them from local stores, the gourmet sections of large supermarkets, or e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Amazon. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the official website of a trusted salt brand. For example, you can visit the Mayi Salt website and explore their flavored salts...

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