8 Stunning Facts About Salt From Natural Spring Water


Salt, which has become a taboo that is harmful by everyone, actually has many benefits. Although there are natural crystal salt products in the market, it is not easy to understand whether every salt is natural salt or not. Mayi Salt, which crystallizes without the need for refining, is 100% natural, additive-free and very rich in minerals, and is an important nutrient that nature offers to people. Natural spring salt, which does not use any chemicals or additives during its production, is extremely healthy.

We have listed 8 surprising information about salt obtained from natural spring waters for you...


1.Natural spring salt, which is rare even in the world, is in Turkiye

Natural spring salt, which is a rare salt in the world, reaches consumers in Turkey by being packaged without losing anything from its naturalness. For this reason, Turkey receives serious demands from abroad for natural spring salt. In fact, natural spring salt is not well known in Turkey. We see Mayi Tuz as the first source salt brand.


2. Natural spring salt is dried by solar energy

Natural spring salt, which is produced under the conditions allowed by nature, is a salt in which only solar energy and wind are used to dry the spring waters flowing from the foothills of the mountain into greenhouse type pools. Moreover, in case of possible mixing of substances such as sediment and silica coming from the mountains as a result of erosion, the spring water is first kept in the settling pool so that these substances settle to the bottom. The result is 100% natural salt with zero insoluble matter.


3. It meets all the mineral needs of the body

The human body consists of 84 elements. 98% of the natural spring salt is sodium chloride and the remaining part is natural minerals such as lithium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, selenium and vanadium. Natural spring salt, which contains 84 elements other than noble gases, meets all the mineral needs, which are extremely important for health.


4. Cheese and oil made with natural spring salt do not spoil

Cheese and oils made with natural spring salt, which are bagged untouched and offered to the consumer, preserve their freshness for a long time without spoiling. Natural spring salt, which is crystallized without being refined, is the only type of salt that preserves the minerals it is loaded with.


5. It has radiation absorbing feature

Everyone knows how dangerous radiation is. When some natural spring salt is placed next to the radiation emitting device, it absorbs the radiation and prevents it from spreading to the environment. Thus, living spaces become much healthier.


6. Natural skin firming

The biggest skin problem, especially for women, is the sagging of the skin and the enlargement of the pores. When peeling is applied to the skin with natural spring salt, it tightens the skin by removing dead cells. It also tightens the pores and eliminates problems such as acne and pimples. In fact, when placed in the bath water, it has the same effect on the whole body and provides a healthy skin.


7. Nutritionists recommend natural spring salt

Natural spring salt, which is a health store with the minerals it contains, is the recommendation of all nutritionists. Refined salts are never recommended. It is said that our body needs 84 kinds of minerals. Because these minerals are said to be in the active center of enzymes. It is stated that a healthy salt intake is not possible with sodium chloride alone. It is emphasized that salt should be taken in a very balanced way, especially after middle age, and sodium chloride is burned in flowing salt.


8. The diseases that it is good for are not counted

In the last item, we put which patients it is good for. Because the natural spring salt is good for so many ailments that it does not end with counting. Let's list them now:

- It has anti-edema feature.

- It has no harmful effect compared to refined salt, which raises blood pressure excessively.

- It is effective in relieving stress.

- It is good for digestive system ailments.

- It is beneficial for heartburn.

- Accelerates blood circulation. It is useful in rheumatism, gout, muscle cramps, muscle and bone pain.

- Effective in insect bites.

- While strengthening the immune system, it also reduces the effects of aging.

- It is useful in sleep disorder.

- Balances blood sugar and is good for vascular health.

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