What Is Mayi Liquid Salt?


The best quality salts in the world are those obtained from spring waters and there are a limited number of spring water salts on earth. Mayi Tuz products are extremely high quality, healthy and natural salts obtained from the natural spring water saltpan in the Delice district of Kırıkkale, without any processing, without refining and only by crystallization in the sun.

Mayi Liquid Salt is the source of all other Mayi Salts. It is the purest form of this unique source that comes to the earth by incorporating the red soil minerals of the hot water line coming out of the fault rupture 1300 meters below the ground and taking its salinity from the crystal rock salts. It is only cleaned, packaged and delivered to the consumer without any processing. It contains 84 different minerals that are beneficial to human health, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and lithium. The iodine in it is 100% natural and no iodine has been added. In addition to all these, it has been proven by the analyzes that it does not contain microplastics and the rate of insoluble matter is 0.

There are three types: 1 liter plain liquid salt, 150 ml plain spray liquid salt and 150 ml lemon spray liquid salt. Lemon liquid salt is produced by adding 10% natural lemon concentrate and does not contain any other substance. It is extremely practical in dishes where lemon and salt are used together.


How to Use Mayi Liquid Salt?

1. Perfect for salads or for the finishing touch when you want the salt to disperse evenly and instantly integrate with your meal.

2. Liquid salts in spray packaging are extremely practical for salads and sauces.

3. With the ease of use provided by the spray packaging, you can easily use it as table salt on your tables.

4. You can make your own alkaline water by squeezing 2-3 ounces of liquid salt into a glass of water or adding 1 tablespoon of liquid salt to 1 liter of water. Alkaline water provides energy throughout the day when drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. It supports your sleep when drunk before going to bed in the evening.

5. Fungus, itching, etc. on the hands and feet. You can use it to treat ailments.

6. In cases such as cold and infection, you can also squeeze it into your mouth and gargle with water for oral and dental health.

7. By carrying the spray salts with you, you can experience the taste of Mayi Liquid Salt anywhere.

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