What is Artisan Salt?

Artisan salts are masterfully crafted salts. They are produced using highly specialized and labor-intensive methods. They are typically crafted to create distinct flavors or textures. An important aspect of artisan salt is that it is made from the highest quality salts sourced from specific geographical locations.

These salts, used in gourmet dishes by master chefs, possess a particular flavor profile. Their unique flavors and textures elevate everything from simple salads to gourmet desserts to a superior level. Therefore, artisan salts are valued ingredients in the kitchen.

To achieve their flavor identities, artisan salts undergo stages such as smoking, blending with aromatic herbs, or infusing with flavors.

Why is Artisan Salt Better than Regular salt?

Artisan salts, distinguished from ordinary table salts, are crafted with meticulous care and undergo extensive processes, ensuring superior quality. Their production prioritizes purity, devoid of additives like anti-caking or bleaching agents, resulting in a mineral-rich composition. Beyond mere seasoning, they infuse dishes with signature flavors, favored by chefs for gourmet creations, elevating culinary experiences to unparalleled heights

Artisan salts are much more special than regular table salts. They are typically produced with meticulous care and through lengthy processes. They are of high quality. Unlike table salts, it is crucial that they are produced in a highly pure manner. Additives such as anti-caking agents and bleaching agents are not added. Therefore, they are rich in minerals. The aim is not only to salt the dishes but also to add a signature flavor. They are often preferred in gourmet dishes by chefs. They elevate even the simplest dishes to a superior level.

Types of Artisan Salt

Artisan sea salts, which are produced with special craftsmanship, come in various forms, each with its own unique taste and characteristics. Here are some common types of artisan salts:

  • Flavored Salts: Flavored artisan salts are obtained by mixing natural salt crystals with flavoring agents. These flavoring agents include aromatic herbs, spices, dried fruit peels, flowers, truffle pieces, seaweed, and various other ingredients. These aromatic ingredients enrich the salt with aroma and taste. They can be used in dishes to add different flavor layers. Typically produced by hand with carefully selected ingredients, in this production process, salt crystals or liquid salt are mixed with flavoring agents and allowed to meld together for the flavors to infuse. Flavored artisan salts are often preferred by restaurants, but they are also widely used in households.
  • Smoked Salt: Smoked salt is formed by exposing salt crystals to wood smoke for a certain period of time. This process imparts a smoky aroma to the salt. Smoked salts are typically produced by smoking over various types of wood. For example, woods such as oak, walnut, or beech are commonly preferred. Each type of wood creates a different taste and aroma profile on the salt. The flavor created by the salt crystals absorbing the smoky aroma can be used in various dishes such as meats, seafood, vegetables, soups, and even desserts, adding a unique taste to the dish.
  • Black Salt (Kala Namak): Kala Namak is a naturally occurring type of volcanic rock salt enriched with minerals. Although known as black salt, it can typically be black, brown, or purple in color. Its distinctive feature is a sulfurous, slightly pungent aroma. The taste and smell of this salt are often likened to that of eggs. Therefore, it is used to mimic the flavor of eggs in vegan and vegetarian dishes. Additionally, it is preferred in dishes such as tofu, salads, and vegan omelets.

Where to Buy Artisan Salt?


Mayi Artisan salt is a liquid source salt that has preserved its purity to this day. It is blended with the unique flavors of lemon, truffle, garlic, and thyme. It is a wonderful choice for enhancing the flavor of dishes and adding a special touch whenever desired. With this flavor that will make you love cooking even more, you won't want to leave the kitchen. Artisan salt companies produce a wide range of gourmet salts sourced from around the world, each with its own unique flavor profile and texture. You can find these salts in gourmet markets, online platform like Amazon and shopify. Also  you can find these salts Artisan salt stores.

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