Delice Natural Spring Salt: An Ark of Taste Heritage

Mayi Salt is a natural spring salt extracted in liquid form from a depth of 1300 meters below the Delice region of Kırıkkale, Turkey. It derives its salinity from underground salt rocks. As the natural spring salt emerges to the surface, it enriches with red soil minerals, becoming rich in minerals. Due to its underground source unaffected by environmental pollution, it is one of the rare types of salt that does not contain microplastics and heavy metals. Without undergoing any refining process, it is dried in the sun in greenhouse-type pans using Artisanal Salt Production methods. Delice natural spring salt has been registered as a heritage value by the Ark of Taste.

What is Delice Natural Spring Salt

Salt health benefits are associated with its natural state. Mayi Salt, being a natural spring salt, protects the heart and arteries due to its low sodium content and richness in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, without raising blood pressure. Thus, patients with hypertension can maintain a healthy lifestyle by comfortably obtaining the necessary minerals their bodies need, as salt is an essential nutrient.

Mayi Salt, the Culinary Heritage of Turkey, is among the rare mineral salts found worldwide. It represents the salt of Anatolia and has swiftly become a staple on many Turkish tables, earning the title of Traditional Turkish Salt. Not only Mayi Salt for Pickling and Cooking but it's also utilized in beauty treatments.

You can also choose Mayi Salt for your Gourmet Salt Selection. Mayi Salt's Artisan series comprises a range of gourmet salts. These salts, crafted from meticulously chosen aromatic herbs of the highest quality, include liquid variants infused with flavors like thyme, truffle, lemon, and garlic. Mayi Salt with No Additives provides a pure and natural flavor in every dish.


The Meaning Behind Our Ark of Taste Title

The Ark of Taste is an international catalog established by the Italy-based Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, aiming to preserve local products and traditional food production techniques. The Ark of Taste aims to safeguard these unique food products, support local cultures, diversity, and sustainable food production.

The Origin of Delice Natural Spring Salt

Compared to sea and lake salts, source salts are the Unique Salts of the World. Its journey, dating back approximately 225 million years, has bestowed upon this salt unique characteristics. During that time, the Tethys Sea, which was situated above Anatolia, accumulated underground as the Earth gradually took its present form, eventually drying up to form pure and natural salt rocks. Today, in the Delice region of Kırıkkale, these salt rocks located underground have preserved all their naturalness over millions of years thanks to their hidden location.

The Naturalness of the Production Process : Mayi Salt

As Mayi Salt, we employ Sustainable Salt Production methods to deliver our natural spring salt to you in its purest and cleanest form, as provided by nature. We utilize Traditional Salt Making Techniques to produce our salt.

We produce our salts solely by harnessing the support of nature, crystallizing and drying them in hygienic greenhouse-type pans under sunlight. Therefore, describing Mayi Salt as an Eco-Friendly Salt would be a fitting epithet.

We ensure that our salt remains in its most natural and healthy state without undergoing any chemical processes during production. By packaging it in healthy boxes, we deliver it to your tables without compromising its naturalness.

Ark of Taste Journey of Delice Mayi Salt

The cultural significance of salt runs deep. Therefore, Preserving Natural Salt is of utmost importance. Delice Salt, a geographical indication salt, is a natural spring salt extracted in liquid form from its source in the Delice region of Kırıkkale and produced by drying it in the sun. The red soil found in the Delice region is also a significant factor that enhances the mineral values of Delice Salt. Additionally, the underground source of Delice Salt preserves it from environmental pollution. With these characteristics, Delice Salt stands out from other types of salt. As a result of the application by the Ahiler Development Agency, it has earned its place on the Ark of Taste Salt list. Now, Mayi Salt is one of the Heritage Salt Brands.

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