What is Black Salt?

Black salt is a type of salt produced in several different varieties. Initially collected as pink from the Pakistan Himalayan salt mountains, it undergoes various processes to turn its color into purplish-black. Another method involves extraction from the lava of the Hawaiian islands. These are among the varieties that can be consumed. There are also varieties produced specifically for use in rituals. It is often preferred in vegan dishes due to its eggy taste.

Its sodium content is lower compared to other salts. A low sodium content indicates that a salt is richer in minerals. While a low sodium content typically reduces the saltiness level, this is not the case with black salt. Therefore, it can be used in the same quantity as regular salts.

How to Make Black Salt?

Black salt, also known as Kala Namak, is a type of rock salt. The most popular variety of black salt is black Himalayan salt, which is initially extracted as pink from the Himalayan salt mines. It is then mixed with charcoal and placed in a closed container where it is heated. The carbon in the charcoal undergoes a chemical interaction with the sulfate in the salt, extracting sulfur in the process. Sulfur imparts the taste and odor. In modern methods, sulfate can be used directly instead of wood.

Another type of black salt is black lava salt, typically obtained from volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands. It is made from lava stones collected from active or extinct volcanoes, which are ground into a fine powder. This grinding process ensures that the salt has a finer and more homogeneous texture.

What is Black Salt used for?

The Black salt is a wonderful salt option with many uses. Here are some of black salt uses:

  • Due to the sulfur content in black salt, it has an eggy taste and aroma, making it ideal for mimicking the flavor in vegan dishes, often prepared with tofu.
  • It is preferred for seasoning in local dishes such as chaat, chutney, and raita in countries like India and Nepal.
  • When a tangy salt flavor is desired for fruits, especially in the presentation of mangoes, Kala Namak black salt is used.
  • In Ayurvedic Medicine, which can be considered an alternative medicine type, it is used as a solution for digestive problems.
  • In the beauty industry, it is used in skincare products and in some dental care products for its teeth-whitening properties.


Top Health Benefits of Black Salt

Black salt has some health benefits. Here are some examples of the benefits of black salt:

  • Due to its low sodium content, it is rich in minerals. Therefore, it helps maintain electrolyte balance and supports hydration.
  • It may help treat skin problems in skincare products designed for acne-prone skin.
  • When used in shampoos, it promotes healthy hair growth.

While scientific evidence is limited, excessive salt consumption should be avoided. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for those with hypertension or kidney problems.

Can Black Salt Replace Regular Salt in Cooking?

Another name for black salt is Kala Namak Salt, which, despite its low sodium content, has the same level of saltiness as regular table salt.

Because it has a different taste from regular table salt, it may not appeal to every palate. However, for those who enjoy trying different flavors, there are various options of black salt available:

Black Truffle Salt: Black truffle salt is a gourmet salt made by blending dried black truffle mushrooms with salt. It has a rich aroma and earthy notes, making it particularly suitable for use with eggs. It contains white salt rather than black salt. The black color comes from the ground truffle mushroom it contains.

Black Garlic Salt: Black garlic salt is a mixture of dried black garlic and salt. It has a slightly sweet taste and is commonly used with vegetables, fish, and sauces. The black color in this salt comes from the black garlic.

What does black salt taste like?

Black salt, also known as Indian black salt, activates sulfur within it through a process involving mixing with charcoal and heating. This sulfur taste resembles that of eggs. Therefore, this salt is commonly used in vegan diets to mimic the taste of eggs.

Is Black Salt Good for Weight Loss?

Black sea salt is claimed to aid in the weight loss process. However, there is no strong scientific evidence directly supporting this claim.

Black salt contains trace minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, which are essential for bodily functions. Some proponents suggest that its sulfur content may help stimulate digestion and improve metabolism, but these claims lack robust scientific support.

Weight loss is achieved through a combination of factors such as maintaining a balanced diet, regular physical activity, portion control, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. While incorporating black salt into your diet as a flavor enhancer can be part of a healthy eating plan, relying solely on it for weight loss would not be effective.

It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalized advice on weight loss strategies and dietary choices.

Where to Buy Black Salt?

You can typically find black salt, also known as Kala Namak, in specialty grocery stores that sell South Asian or Indian cuisine ingredients. Additionally, many health food stores, gourmet food markets, and ethnic food markets may offer black salt for sale due to its popularity in certain cuisines.

If you prefer online shopping, websites like Amazon, Walmart, and specialty food retailers often carry black salt for purchase.

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