Mayi Salt's Unique Features

Mayi Salt's Unique Features

Rivers, lakes, springs, and wells in nature contain varying amounts of salt. The highest quality salts on earth are obtained from natural spring salts. Rare natural spring salts are 100% natural and differ from other salts in both their content and production methods.

Mayi salt, obtained from one of Turkey's largest natural spring salt flats, is one such natural spring salt. It is produced under hygienic conditions in greenhouse-type pools, dried using solar energy, and packaged without human contact before reaching consumers. When you hear about Mayi salt's surprising properties, you'll better understand why it is much healthier and of higher quality than other salts. Let's take a closer look at Mayi salt's unique properties.

1. Mayi Salt is Natural Salt!

Nowadays, experts recommend consuming natural spring salt instead of refined salt. This is because refined salt, as a processed salt, contains many chemicals. Refined salt, which only contains sodium and chlorine, damages the body by containing chemicals that cause many illnesses. However, Mayi salt contains no chemicals such as E-530, E-533, or E-550, as it is a 100% natural spring salt. With its 84 mineral content, richness in iron, lithium, and vanadium, which are not found in any other salt, it differs from other salts by containing all the minerals the body needs.

2. It is of High Quality and Rich in Content

Mayi Salt, which contains no chemicals while maintaining its naturalness, reaches consumers packaged without human contact. Despite being produced in limited quantities, it adds a different taste to meals with its high quality and affordable prices. Mayi salt, the highest quality salt on earth, is extracted from Turkey's largest natural spring salt flat. Produced under hygienic conditions and dried using the most natural conditions, it proves to be a high-quality salt with its rich content and production properties.

3. Improves Quality of Life

Mayi salt does not contain salt, one of the 3 white poisons. It plays an important role in combating illnesses by preventing many illnesses caused by salt, especially high blood pressure.

The body needs salt even for the simplest functions. Sodium, potassium, and other minerals in salt are essential for the nervous system, respiratory system, muscle and bone system, digestive system, and cardiovascular health. Mayi salt, a natural salt containing 84 different minerals, actively contributes to fighting illnesses and increasing the body's resistance. In short, it is preferred as the most natural and healthy salt that increases the quality of life.

4. Maintains Body Balance

Mayi salt, which regulates the body's pH level and provides an alkaline environment for all body functions, is highly effective in maintaining the pH level, which is crucial for the entire body. It also helps cellular functions to work properly by reducing high acid levels. By regulating blood pressure and reducing cholesterol, Mayi salt helps maintain body balance. Mayi salt, which allows water to be retained in the vessels and cells, helps the absorption of nutrients by the cells.

5. Both Healthy and Delicious

Mayi salt, which makes a difference in every part of the body from cardiovascular health to muscle and bone system, nervous system to digestive system and respiratory system, takes its place on the tables as a tasty and healthy salt. While spreading around the world as a preferred choice of luxury restaurants, it is preferred as a healthy and delicious salt due to its being additive-free, 100% natural, and its minerals. While meeting the mineral needs of the body and playing an important role in our health, it appeals to the taste buds with the flavor it adds to the food. For a healthy life, the whole world now prefers Mayi salt.

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