What Is Arsenal Football Team's Preference For Delice Salt?

What are the benefits? "Delice salt," produced at a salt processing facility established in 2017 in Turkey's largest natural spring salt mine located in the Delice district of Kırıkkale, is obtained naturally without undergoing any chemical processing. This special liquid salt, obtained by evaporating the natural spring water with sunlight, contains rich minerals such as magnesium, vanadium, calcium, and potassium, making it very beneficial against muscle aches and bone loss. The biggest feature of this special salt obtained from underground springs is that it absorbs iodine and some minerals from the soil in liquid form. Due to its 100% natural and rich mineral content, it is preferred by Arsenal football team in England.

What is Delice Salt, Preferred for Its Mineral Richness?

Delice Salt is a natural and healthy source of salt obtained from the evaporation of mountain spring water in greenhouse-type pools without undergoing any chemical treatment. Delice Salt, produced without refining, contains no harmful chemicals. Moreover, it does not contain microplastics or heavy metals due to its source being unaffected by environmental pollution. Rich in minerals, especially with its high magnesium content, Delice Salt is preferred by athletes and the Arsenal football team from all around the world.

Is there any international sale of Delice Salt?

One-third of the annual production of 3,000 tons of Delice Salt, which is produced in the Delice region of Kırıkkale, is exported to foreign countries through distributor companies. This mineral-rich salt is exported to many countries including the United States, South Korea, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, England, Germany, and Australia. It is also sold in Holland, England, Moscow, and many other countries.

Can Delice Salt be used by athletes?

Delice Salt, which is unique in the world with its magnificent aroma and rich mineral content, has quickly gained intense interest from many countries. Delice Salt is the most suitable type of salt that athletes can prefer in terms of replenishing the lost salt during sports with its rich mineral and natural structure. With the knowledge that Delice salt especially relieves problems such as cramps and joint pains, it has quickly become the focus of athletes from various countries. It has been the choice of world-famous football team Arsenal, some rugby teams in New Zealand and Australia, and football clubs in England. In Turkey, Antalyaspor players prefer Delice Salt.


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